Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wot Not To Put Down The Bog

I live in a street where the sewerage pipe blocks about twice a year and everyone on that sewerage run shares the cost of clearance each time. The drains were laid badly by the builder 30 years ago and no doubt over the years extra snagging points have developed. However the main cause of the problem is the putting down the toilet of inappropriate things. When the street was full of babies it would have been disposable nappies (diapers). The drain man on the recent clearance said what the main cause of the blockage was so I wrote this poem for all the residents

Men and Menopausal Women
Don't Carry The Can For Blocking The Pan

The drains are clear
So that's good news
When the drain man left
He expressed these views

"It's not all the natural stuff
That clogs and clings
It's the make-up wipes
And those sanitary things"

So, let's adopt The 3P's
It's a new discipline
If it's not pooh, pee or paper
It goes in the bin!

What Not To Put Down The Bog is copyright Jon Bratton 2010