Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dual Porpoise Cards

I am de-clogging the loft ahead of me developing geriatric tendencies and I came across an old product I produced when working with artist Jim Harker,  an old school friend. It was a card back to attach to a fine art print to make it into a greeting card. There was a range of sensible sentiments and then there was this one. It is in the Geordie lingo so see what you make of it

Aa was ganna send ye a pictia
Of some gadgie in the toon
Staggerin' and caallin' for Hughie
Havin' supped several Broon
Fower pints of Fed
And a Courage (by mistake)
Followed by two kebabs and a vindaloo
And some chips in stotty cake

Such a technocolour yawn
Wi' diced carrots in the mixture
Ah think ye'll agree
Would mek a colourful pictia
But that up on yer loonge waall
Wadn't mek ye ower keen
And it's a canny bit more nicer
To hev a propa local scene

I'm not sure this will mean anything to anyone but at least it's preserved for posterity. Any remaining card backs and much else of my past are now in the bin. It is very cathartic this loft de-clogging

Jon Bratton © 2013