Friday, 27 March 2009

Black History Poems

This Black History poems blog is another of my contributions for the website
It is written from the perspective of a little slave girl in the 1700s living with her father and sister in a slave hut on a cotton plantation in North America

I live in my Pappy's hut
My name is Kizzy Clay
My older sister is Eliza
I'm six years old today

My Mammy died of fever
Eliza's ten, she cares for me
I don't know our exact address
But we live in Slavery

Pappy works in Mr John's fields
Planting cotton and rice
Yesterday, he was whipped
Which wasn't very nice

Black History Poems

The overseer is very cruel
His name is Nathaniel Black
My pappy cannot work today
He's got deep cuts on his back

Oh, I can see Mr John's little girl
Her name is Missy Rose
She lives in the Big House
And wears very nice clean clothes

She's pretty and has white skin
Her mother is also dead
But she has two aunts to care for her
She sleeps in a proper bed

Black History Poems

She has a beautiful pony
Which lives in a stable 6 feet 4
It has its own blankets
And nice clean straw

Our hut is also 6 feet 4
Two families have to share
Its very dark and we sleep on rags
Eliza says it isn't fair

Pappy says his Grandpappy's Pappy
"Was a chief before coming here
Once proud and free, he was enslaved
To live in chains.....and fear

Black History Poems

All the young strong villagers
Were forcefully taken away
Crammed into sailing ships
Bound for the USA

Many died on the way
A ship sometimes would sink
Or they died through lack of medicine
Or not enough to drink"

Pappy says his Grandpappy's Pappy
Arrived very much alive
He was a strong healthy 20 year old
He died, broken, at 35

Black History Poems

Pappy says that one day
All slaves will be free
We'll get a President who believes in it
Just you wait and see

Pappy says he has a dream
That a King will come one day
And they'll listen very carefully
To all he has to say

He says that he has a dream
That blacks and whites will live as one
Living free, in a proper house
Just like Mr John

Black History Poems

He even dreams that maybe
There will come the day
When a black man becomes the President
Of the USA

Eliza says he's crazy
Or that's how it seems
But she says when life is very hard
A man should have his dreams

Black History Poems

One day, perhaps, a little girl
Will have a story read
By her Pappy, before she goes to sleep
In her proper bed

But until then, I'll be content
What will be, will be
Nighty night I must go
There's a dream that waits for me

Jon Bratton 2009

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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Poems Containing Metaphors, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Assonance

If you came here just for examples of onomatopoeia
click this link
Onomatopoeia Poems

Paula’s hair looks like rats’ tails .
Oh that’s a simile
Esther estimated every elevation.
That’s alliteration, clearly
Ian’s head is a shed.
Call that a metaphor, my dear
All at once, whoosh, went the wind
Love that alliterative onomatopoeia

Dave is occupied in the wash room.
Euphemism, is what’s been penned
Verily I say, O wet pet
Is an odd ode spoke to a soaked sole friend
Could that be assonance just then and can the whole
Epigram, with imagery be acrostic in some way
So that’s all the POETICAL DEVICES , there’s nothing more to say
Jon Bratton 2009
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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Boudicca Warrior Queen of the Iceni

Here's another poem I wrote for the new website

which compiles (bedtime) stories, written in rhyme, about events in history as a resource not only for parents but for teachers as well

Boudicca Warrior Queen of the Iceni

Tonight’s (Today's) story is about a queen
But not a fragile little flower
In fact a tough brave woman
The first with Girl Power

Britain has produced many warriors
Men who fought to keep Britain free
But here’s the story of Warrior Queen Boudicca,
A famous name in history

She had great intelligence
In the opinion of some
She was tall, fierce faced and harsh voiced
And had red hair, right down to her bum

She wore a large golden necklace,
And multi-coloured tunic, and cloak
She led an uprising of the tribes
Against the Roman folk

Here’s why. Her husband, the King
Promised the Romans half his wealth and land
But when the King died
Things didn’t go quite as planned

Normal Roman practice
Regarding allied kingdoms applied
The kingdom became the property of Rome
When the current King died

The Romans took everything
When they came one day
Treating nobles as slaves
And acting in a very brutal way

The Britons were appalled
And thought the Romans had cheated
Also Queen Boudicca and her Princess daughters
Were badly mistreated

When people behave badly
That simply isn’t right
And the one who feels cheated
Is ready to fight

Queen Boudicca was furious
She had never been angrier
So she created an Iceni Army
Based in East Anglia

The Trinovantes, the neighbouring tribe
Also wanted to get rid
Of the Romans, who must be punished
For the awful thing they did

So they joined forces,
Led by the Queen
In, perhaps, the biggest army
The Britons had ever seen

The Druids in Wales revolted
This made the time right
While the Roman Governor was distracted
Now was the time to fight

Boudicca’s army was successful
With victories at Colchester town
St Albans and London
Which they completely burnt down

But when the Roman Governor returned
The Britons suffered a huge defeat
Beaten by the professional Roman Army
At the Battle of Watling Street

80,000 Britons were killed
Boudicca managed to survive
But she took poison so the Romans
Couldn’t capture her alive

She lives on in our memory
A bronze statue can be seen
In London, of brave, bold Boudicca
The mighty Warrior Queen

Jon Bratton 2009

If you want to read the story as a comic book...I recomment it, click the link

If you want more poems, click the link

Boudicca Warrior Queen of the Iceni which takes you to a poem by William Cowper

or if you're really brave try reading

Alfred Lord Tennyson

And here's another Boudicca poem


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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spring has Sprung...while we slept

Historically spring starts on the day of the vernal equinox, which usually occurs on the night of 20/21 March. That was last night

Here's the famous Spring in the Bronx ditty that people all over the Northern Hemisphere English speaking world say at this time of year

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder where the boidies is
The boid is on the wing,
How absoid
The wing is on the boid!

It must be assumed that this is by Author is not Ogden Nash as is often alleged. Listen up allegators, Ogden had all his stuff published starting with

Spring Comes To Murray Hill
Ogden Nash
which goes

I sit in an office at 244 Madison Avenue
And say to myself
You have a responsible job havenue?
Why then do you fritter away your time on this doggerel?
If you have a sore throat you can cure it by using a good goggeral etc

He doesn't mention Spring but he does say

Oh, if I only had the wings of a bird
Instead of being confined on Madison Avenue
I could soar in a jiffy to Second or Third.

It is alleged Ogden Nash wrote

Spring has newly sprung
the hills are full of grass
and along comes a billy-goat
sliding on his overcoat
down the summer pass

but I don't think so. It doesn't sound Nashy enough to me. Now this sounds Nashy

Spring is what winta
Always gozinta.

Walking along the 4th fairway at my golf club the other day 'Spring has Sprung' popped into my head, as did this

The horse is on the hoof
Nonsense, of course
The hoof is on the horse
Jon Bratton 2009

Here's another variation on the theme

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’,
I wonder where the birdie is?
There he is up in the sky,
He dropped some whitewash in my eye!
I‘m alright, I won’t cry,
I’m just glad that cows can’t fly!

~ Author Unknown ~

And another

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz,
I wonder where the flowers is

And one more

Spring has sprung!", said the bumble bee.
"How do you know?", said the old oak tree.
"I just saw a daffodil blooming on a windy hill!"

Want more?

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Friday, 20 March 2009

Roman Baths, Aqueducts, Engineering n things

Still on the subject of creating fun and learnable history for kids, as is the mission of

a website in the course of construction and which has commisioned me to write some contributions, my piece today was inspired by two gems I was reminded of /came across

a) the bit of script in the Life of Brian which goes something like this"All right... all right... but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... what have the Romans done for us?"
and b) a funny piece of doggerel by an Australian who explained why the whole World ended up with railway carriages that run on tracks four feet eight and one-half inches wide. (The Stephenson Gauge or Standard Gauge)

Here is my poem

What the Romans Did for Us

Next time you're on a train
Notice how long and skinny they are
They're not much wider
Than your Daddy's car

You have to use a calendar
Because trains are thin
If you don't book a seat
They'll just not let you in

The Romans gave us our calendar
Which is very handy, coz
Without dates, you wouldn't know
When your birthday was

If you look out the train window
You might see tall arches over deep valleys
That's a Roman invented aqueduct
It's water that it carries

And if you're ill through overcrowding
Because the trains are thin
Say thanks to the Romans
For they brought us medicine

And the train will be safe from robbers
(Coz they're now all running banks)
For our system of law and order
The Romans deserve our thanks

If you're travelling in the Winter
You'll be cozy on the train
Because of the central heating
We can thank those Romans again

If you're travelling in the Summer
Thank the Romans for this too
For without the baths they invented
We'd all be Stinky Poo

If from the window, you see cars
And trucks with heavy loads
They'll be travelling fast and straight
Along what once were Roman roads

And in giving thanks to the Romans
Gratitude is what we say
Why, even that word is Roman
As are many, we speak today

And do you know why trains are skinny
Why they're not very fat
Well, we can blame the Romans..yes blame
We can blame them for that

Trains were made thin
To match the tramways in the street
They kept them the same width
To keep everything neat

The tramlines were that size
Because of the covered wagons before
They already had the manufacturing jigs
And they didn't want to make more

The wagons were that size
To match the ruts in the roads
Caused by the Romans with their chariots
Carrying heavy loads

The chariots were that size
Not very wide
To attach the shafts to two horses
Running side by side

The Romans should have used animals
Like an elephant or hippo or bull
If they'd had much bigger bottoms
Our trains wouldn't get so full

So next time your train arrives
And it's already full when it comes
Say loudly "All right... the Romans give us sanitation, roads, aqueducts,blah..blah...
But they should have used animals... ...with much bigger bums

Jon Bratton 2009


For the Romans in Britain...a poem in 40 words, click the link
Roman Baths, Aqueducts, Engineering n things


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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hadrian's Wall Poem W H Auden

Dawn at Housesteads Fort. Early morning in Autumn 2006. Photo: Joan Thirlaway.

As a Hadrian's Wall poet, myself...since Tuesday gone, I'm delighted to be in the company of W H Auden who wrote 'Roman Wall Blues' and like me, mentioned the dodgy weather in bleak Northumberland.

Hadrian's Wall is the description most used all over the World to describe this edifice but I live near it and I can tell you that most folks round here call it the Roman Wall.

When I came across this poem by W H Auden who I thought was American I was surprised with the title...but I now know that Auden was born in York and in his formative years he attended a school in and around the Pennines.

Per Wikipedia "...his visits to the Pennine landscape and its declining lead-mining industry figure in many of his poems..." Rookhope is a former lead and fluorspar mining village in County Durham, in England. It first existed as a group of cattle farms in the 13th Century. It is situated in the Pennines to the north of Weardale and it is here that Auden realised he wanted to be a poet. So that nicely explains why his poem is entitled Roman Wall Blues and not Hadrian's Wall Blues

And speaking of 'Blues', a word he clearly likes, I know of Auden because of his "Funeral Blues" ("Stop all the clocks") which was read aloud in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral(1994). He also wrote Refugees Blues. It is likely that all these were originally written as blues song lyrics rather than poems per se

Anyway, here is the poem

Roman Wall Blues

Over the heather the wet wind blows,
I've lice in my tunic and a cold in my nose.

The rain comes pattering out of the sky,
I'm a Wall soldier, I don't know why.

The mist creeps over the hard grey stone,
My girl's in Tungria; I sleep alone.

Aulus goes hanging around her place,
I don't like his manners, I don't like his face.

Piso's a Christian, he worships a fish;
There'd be no kissing if he had his wish.

She gave me a ring but I diced it away;
I want my girl and I want my pay.

When I'm a veteran with only one eye
I shall do nothing but look at the sky.

W. H. Auden

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

History for Kids

My nephew has just started a website called, and about, History for Kids which he uses to showcase his growing collection of bedtime stories, written in rhyme, and about aspects of history from the birth of the moon to men on the moon. What a lovely idea. The kids love 'em and they don't even realise they're being educated. Having written them he's presenting them to the World as a free (for non commercial use) resource to Mums (Moms) (Mams) and Dads and teachers

The beauty of writing in rhyme is that it is fun, light hearted and memorable. Because, as you know, I'm a doggerel writer myself he invited me yesterday to make a contribution which was very opportune because I knew I'd have a few hours to kill while I hung around hospital waiting rooms as my 84 year old mother went through a series of checks which involved, and I'm speaking in medical jargon here, putting delicate instruments into delicate places

So I wrote a history for kids poem. Being a Geordie I wrote about our UNESCO World Heritage site, Hadrian's Wall, a bit of which is pictured. So here goes

In 43AD
That's a long, long time ago
The Romans invaded Britain
Which is awful...isn't that so?

They took over England and Wales
They didn't want Scotland at all
And to stop the Scots from stealing the sheep
They built a very big wall

It stretched from the Solway Firth in the west
To the River Tyne in the east
A 70 mile wall would need lots of stones
40 million at least

History for kids Hadrian's Wall

The Emperor was in charge of the work
Hadrian was his name
He probably built lots of things
But his wall gave him lasting fame

It took 6 years to build the wall
There were no fancy machines back then
They needed hundreds of horses to pull the carts
And thousands of working men

And every mile they built forts and turrets
That were very tall
So the soldiers could see any Scotsmen
Trying to climb the wall

History for Kids, Hadrian's Wall

The wall lasted throughout the Romans' stay
400 years, altogether
I wonder why they stayed so long
It couldn't have been the weather

It was 40 years after the Romans left
That the Britons again had to fight
Because the Saxons came from Germany
But that's a story for another night

That the wall was very strong
Would be fair to say
It was built nearly 2000 years ago
And it still stands today

History for Kids, Hadrian's Wall

Indeed, from all around the World
Tourists make a call
To the north end of Britain
To see the famous Hadrian's Wall

As now as you go to sleep
Think about this great wall
And wonder if this was the place
Where Humpty had his great fall

Jon Bratton 2009

Want more, do you think?
Then just click on the link

This History for Kids Hadrian's Wall poem and blog entry is copyright Jon Bratton 2009. Parents and teachers are welcome to use it for non commercial purposes and it may be used by who inspired its writing

Monday, 16 March 2009

Making Money Online

I love making money online
Money to spend and to keep
The money I love best of all
Is the money I make as I sleep

I have just created two pages on my main poems website which promotes the web host I use because I may make some commision but mainly because I have become evangelical about making money from websites. In these difficult times it is very comforting that my wwwebsites work 24 hours per day, 168 hours per week.

If you google 'making money online' you'll be presented with a host of schames... oh look at that Freudian typo. I meant to say schemes and it came out scams

In the blurb I have written on verses4cards I've been brutally honest about how much work I put into building my websites but I've also been candid about the money that can be made by putting Google Ads on each page.

Building a website is a bit like building a round selling say kleeneze. You do all the hard work and you make money, by doing nothing else if you build a website and by selling things to your customers by keep going to see them, if you built a round. If you didn't have to keep seeing the customers you could build another round and then another.
I've now got two websites and three more under development plus this blog

Americans who crave working from home...and not having a boss...see $3,000 per month as the point they would happily kiss the boss goodbye and that's the figure I've now passed and which I target in my explanation

If you're curious to know more click this link Making Money Online to see my explanation and here. to go to my About Me page which also gives data.

I'm writing this now partly because the web host I use is running a Spring Special where the price is is a third of what it normally is, but to be honest it was only a matter of time before I became evangelical to you guys

This 'making money online' poem and blog entry is copyright Jon Bratton 2009

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Mothers Day Poems

Mothers Day Poems

I didn't write 'em...I gathered 'em ...for you
This first one is for a Deceased Mother

If I could have just one wish
And never have another
It would be to have 5 minutes
And spend it with my Mother
I would tell you how I miss you
And wish that you could stay
Just to see your face again
On this, your Mothers Day.

Mothers Day Poems

Love, trust, friendliness and courage
are some of the lessons you taught me.
What a great start you gave me in life.

Have A Very Happy Mother's Day!


You show your love in little ways --
In warming smiles and words of praise,
In things you do to brighten days...
You always show you care.
You show your love by hurts you ease,
By giving such fond memories,
But Mother, more than all of these...
By always being there!

Have A Very Happy Mother's Day!


A Mother's Day wish
That is warm and sincere
For someone who's always
So sweet and so dear --
Here's hoping you find
That with each passing day,
The best things in life
Will keep coming your way!

Mothers Day Poems

It takes somebody special
To listen and to care,
To encourage and inspire
And to show she's always there...
So I hope that you'll remember,
Each day the whole year through,
You're someone very special
And you always will be too


Thanks for all you've done for me,
And all that you still do.
Thanks for being patient
And so understanding too...
Thanks for all the help you give
And all the joy you bring.
On Mothers Day, just want to say,
Thanks for everything!

Mothers Day Poems

Of all the special joys in life
The big ones and the small.
A mothers love and tenderness,
Is the greatest of them all.


I hope you like

Mothers Day Poems

This 'Mothers Day Poems' blog entry is mine, copyright Jon Bratton 2009, which is cheeky because I just found them..but build a bridge...get over it

Thursday, 12 March 2009

St Patricks Day Poems

Well worth a visit

Next Tuesday is St Patrick's Day so the search has started for St Patricks Day Poems. Here's one I've just penned

Ah, Good Luck te ye, Good Luck te ye
Here's some words I'm urged to say
Leprechauns, shamrock and rainbows
And have a happy St Paddy's Day

More words.. New York, mind me harp
Green hats, for sure and green beer too
And drinking gallons of Guinness
It's the law, it's what you've got to do

Top o' the morning to you
From the bottom o' me heart

Erin go Bragh
(Ireland Forever)

Jon Bratton 2009

Here's poem #2 in my St Patricks Day Poems collection

Wear a big hat
But it must be green
Drink some Guinness
It's March Seventeen

Jon Bratton 2009

If you want more, click the link

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wedding Poem from Bride to Groom

This fabulous image is from a fantastic photographer with a unique style. The big white frock looks like a flower

This Wedding Poem from Bride to Groom has been on my Verses4Cards site for a few years but it's sorta buried amongst many other wedding poems so I thought I'd give it a higher billing. Until the last line, the poem reads as if it is from anyone..the groom's parents, the bride's parents, the best man, a well wisher. I just love the word 'frock'

(Jeremy) have a lovely day
As you enter Paradise
Look out for the girl in the big white frock
You'll find her very nice

Take your place by her side
Squeeze her hand with a loving touch
Say "I do" and she will too
For she loves you very much

She knows that you love her too
And that you'll always be her rock
This card, it comes with the fondest love
From the girl in the big white frock

Jon Bratton c 2005
Want to read another? Click the link

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Funny Mothers Day poem

As it is only 12 days to Mothering Sunday, I thought I'd bring you this funny mothers day poem that I wrote a few years back

Today, just think...

You're on a luxury vacation
At the finest accomodation
With the highest recommendation
Getting utmost consideration
Enjoying sparkling conversation,
Heavenly recreation,
Pure sensation,

Beauty preparation
And pamperation
( if that's not a word, it ought to be)
Without limitation
Throughout the entire duration
Of this exotic situation
You've got admiration,
Nay, adoration
And unadulterated sophistication

In my estimation
For Mothers Daytion
You need stimulation
And imag-e-nation !!

A very Happy Mothers Day,
From one dreamer to another
Jon Bratton 2006

For more click the link

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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Themed Verses suitable for Flippin' Women

Flippin Women verses are the intellectual property of La Pashe, the creators of Flippin' things so here I've created a Woman of Reflection, albeit using their very fine flippin product.

Anyway, I'm not here, as a Flippin' Cardmaker, tho' I did make this card, but as a poet so here goes with the verse to go with this card, which you may copy, if you like (the card and the verse)

It's your birthday, once again
That's another year gone
A time, perhaps, for reflection
But hold it...
...put some lippy on

Put on a bit of slap
And don a pretty frock
Come on girl, kickstart your day
And make your whole birthday rock!!

This 'Flippin Women Verses' blogspot is copyright of Jon Bratton 2009. Cardmakers, feel free to use publishers, just dare!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

80th Birthday Poems

This is a poem I was requested to write as a tribute on the 80th birthday of an Irish Mother of 7 kids. For the most part the names have been changed to retain anonymity. I've introduced it now because, with just a few tweaks, this would be ideal as a joint Mother's Day Poem from the whole family

80th Birthday poems..verse 1

As it's your 80th birthday
Let's face it, Mum, you're old
We all agree that it's time
You had your story told

First you had a little girl
And you called her Joanne Marie
Then twins, James and Patrick
And already you had three

Like Oliver Twist you wanted more
So who was next to arrive
More twins Sean and Jackie
The number's up to five

By now the stork was worn out
On more he wasn't keen
As encouragement you gave him a Pat
Then along came Eugene

Of course Eugene says he's the best
You'd produced six times before
But in truth the stork took a look at him
And said "That's it more"

You've been a busy lady
For life, you had a thirst
Giving your all for your kids
And you always put us first

But now that you've reached eighty
You're content and so serene
This comes with love from Helen
And Sharon and Eugene

And your whole extended family
On your birthday have a ball
Ruby, you're a treasured gem
So precious to us all...

For growing old jokes there's many out there, starting at turning 40, then 50th, 60th and 70th.
Few of them go quite as far as this one in decrepitness. I have adapted it from a piece written by Author Unknown

80th Birthday Poems...verse 2

There's quite an art to falling apart
As the years go by,
And life doesn't begin at 40.
We both know that's a lie.

Our hair's getting thinner,
But our waists are not
The few teeth we have
Are beginning to rot.

We smell of Vick's Vapourub,
Not Chanel Number 5
Our doggedness is the only thing
That's keeping us alive.

When asked of our past,
Every detail we'll know,
Except what we were doing
Just 10 minutes ago?

Well, you get the idea,
What more can I say?
Why not read the obituaries
Like you do every day

If your name's not there,
You'll once again start
Perfecting the art
Of falling apart

I'm able to say this
As an old friend, to you
A very, very old friend
Who's falling apart too

Despite only having half a heart left
These birthday wishes I send
Not at all half heartedly
All the very best, my dear old friend

For more getting old jokes, poems click on this link

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Top 50 Crafters

Top 50 Crafters is an organisation I have never felt at home with. I run several UK craft sites but Top 50 crafters only allow some. That's fair enough, but they never have the good grace to say sorry, you're not suitable, etc..they merely silently don't list you, leaving you in the doldrums.
For that reason alone I oft considered removing their adverts from my sites and not bothered to tell them. I've now done that and have told them. www. and www. are no longer listed on Top 50 Crafters

So, on the day that our Prime Minister talks to the USA about the dangers of protectionism and the benefits of the World acting as one, for the benefit of all, Top 50 Crafters, in their misguidance have decided to only include traffic from UK visitors effectively, overnight, downgrading all the most efficient UK companies who draw their traffic from the UK predominently but also( and who in their right mind would not want to seek traffic) from USA and beyond (Top 50 Crafters have never counted traffic from other English speaking areas of the World eg Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa etc and huge sub continents who seek English language stuff eg India)

Their current tag line is 'Top50 Crafters is the definitive list of Craft sites in the UK' Oh really? Where are Hobbycraft, Docrafts, Craft Creations?
This is a company whose main line of work is about selling you a www site. The first w stands for World. In my view if you're seeking the World, avoid perochial

Mothers Day Verses

In the lead up to Mothering Sunday this is a tribute I wrote many years back to a wife and mum who was born in 1953, forgets to water the house plants, is a keen reader and cuts the family's hair

For your birth, they held street parties
The whole country just went mental
T'was in '53... the Queen was crowned
But that was incidental

You drink in TV movies
You've a thirst for books, that's true
Our house plants know the feeling
For they get thirsty too

Having an in-house barber
We think is very good
We save some dosh...and we don't mind
The occasional sight of blood

But your love of Jane Austen books
Gives us our greatest fear
While you cut our hair, steeped in Pride
You might Prejudice our ear

But enough of all these insults
For now the time has come
To tell you that we love you
You're a special wife and Mum


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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Funny Mother Poem

Ahead of Mothers Day, I've dug out this ditty..a funny mother poem...and by that I mean a funny poem about a mother which I wrote decades ago about a lady who was a keen cyclist and tennis player who often lost her keys and was always late. It is a good example of looking for a theme and when I learnt that she was a cordinator in the prison service who often lost keys and was late the theme was established. It was just a bonus that she was born in September and was called June. The caricature that went with this poem was of her on a unicycle playing tennis

Isn't it Odd?

This is a special Mother's Day tribute
And we really hope to please
But isn't it odd that a prison worker
Should keep mislaying keys?

And isn't it odd that a co-ordinator
Should be always late, not soon
And that a girl born in September
Should have the name of June?

Isn't it odd, since she likes tennis
That she hasn't had this thought
To combine the game with cycling
To help her round the court?

But it's not odd we love her
When all is said and done
She's a lovely caring person
To a husband, daughter, son

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