Sunday, 14 June 2009

Baked Potato Recipe Foil

Those who know me just know that this is a search engine foible whereby lots of folk search using the phrase, 'baked potato recipe foil' but no one fully satisfies them. So all you folk who want to know the extent to which foil features in the baked potato process here's the definitive doesn't and it shouldn't and here's why

"Baked Potato recipe foil"
That should read fail
For your potato in foil will boil and spoil
You'll be put in Potato Jail

The foil traps the moisture, you see
It's a mistake
Your potato will be steamed
It's a far better taste, when you bake

So, put the potato in the oven, pricked and naked
That's the potato, not you
To be honest it doesn't matter
So you can be naked too

After 50 minutes, remove
Your naked potato is now bak-ed
Use foil now, if you like, during its 10 minute rest
Then serve it, naked
(Smothered in butter)

Look, if you want to pick up on every innuendo go ahead, cook the potato naked, it's not a problem because there are no hot splashes and if you want to serve it naked covered in butter, no problem because frankly what do you do in you kitchen is a matter between you and the receiver of your smothered offerings
Me? I'm hot and bothered and going for a lie down

Jon Bratton 2009

For more on the subject click the link
Baked Potato Recipe Foil
but if you do, woe betide you

This 'baked potato recipe foil' is brought to you, for free use, and to satisfy a significant but un fulfilled desire

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