Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sorry Poems

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I'm working on a new website http://www.poem-poetry.com/ and I needed to add a Sorry Poems page. Most people search for Sorry verses or poems when Apology verses or poems would be more appropriate
Here's some of the poems I came up with.

Lets make up and forget.
What I did, I regret

It was so stupid what I said
I didn’t mind my Qs and Ps
I’ve won the Foot in Mouth award
Forgive me please


If I was a blood splattered runaway lorry
I couldn't feel more sorry
If I was a serial love cheat like Ken or Deirdre from Corry
I couldn't feel more sorry
If I was a mud and slime filled, alligator infested quarry
I couldn't feel more sorry
That's how sorry I am

These light hearted poems are sorry (apology) poems for friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, husband,wife, boss, teacher etc to say I'm sorry I hurt you, I am sorry to risk our friendship, I am sorry I did or didn't do something. They are poems to apologise, they are not to say sorry for your loss or sorry you are leaving
This Sorry Poems blog entry is copyright Jon Bratton 2009. The poems may be used for private non commercial purposes but not for publishing on a website

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