Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Story of Easter for Children

I wrote Story of Easter for Children because tomorrow is Maundy Thursday when the Queen gives Maundy Money to pensioners. Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and after tomorrow it's Good Friday and then there's Easter Sunday. Kids probably don't know anything other than it's an Eating Chocolate Fest so this is my poem explaining it in rhyme, for this blog of course but primarily as a contribution to the great new website

Do you know the story of Easter?
Of course you get Easter eggs so yummy
But Easter is about much more
Than just good things for your tummy

It is a Christian Church Festival
Held every Spring
About the death of Jesus...that's bad
And his coming to life again...Good Thing !

Palm Sunday is a week before Easter
It celebrates when Jesus rode into Jerusalem town
On a donkey, which walked over
All the coats that the people threw down

Story of Easter for Children

The people who didn’t have coats
Went to the fields where they found
Palm branches which they spread
All across the ground

These people knew that Jesus was special.
It was like when a King comes to town,
They didn’t have a red carpet
So they laid their coats, and branches down.

Story of Easter for Children

And to this day a donkey is special
Because it carried Jesus with care~
If you look at the back of a donkey
You’ll see a cross is still there

Next comes the day of the Last Supper
Maundy Thursday, when Judas was Jesus’ enemy
For silver money, he betrayed his friend
In the Garden of Gethsemane

Maundy means commandment
Jesus said at the Last Supper“I am your brother
As I have loved you
You must love one another”

The Queen of Britain gives money
Every Maundy Day
To people who are old
And no longer get any pay

Story of Easter for Children

The next day is Good Friday
The day Jesus was crucified
Two days later, on Easter Sunday he said
"I've come back...coz I've just un-died

He didn't stay long with his friends
He didn't die, but rather
He went straight up to Heaven
To join God, which art (who was) His Father

The word Easter comes from Eostre
The name of a Saxon godd-ess
Who found a little bird
In a little bit of a mess

The poor bird couldn't fly
It had lost more than a feather
So the goddess turned it into a hare
To survive the Winter weather

Story of Easter for Children

The hare found it could lay eggs
Which was a very strange thing
So it decorated the eggs and gave them
To the goddess every Spring

If you think that a hare laying eggs
Is so very funny
that's why we have Easter eggs
And of course, the Easter Bunny

Jon Bratton 2009

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Story of Easter for Children

This story of easter for children is copyright of Jon Bratton 2009

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