Thursday, 23 April 2009

St Georges Day

Today is not only St Georges Day but...

Today is St George's and the Bard's Birth and Death day
Have the happiest of days
Just pondering...if he was born and died on the same day
How come he wrote so many flippin’ plays

Jon Bratton © 2007

This next one was written for a specific person…the name has been changed


James Drummond Justice Brown
You've reached the big Five 0
And still in shape, despite suppin ale
At 80 shillings a go ....

You occasionally spoil a good walk
Knocking a ball o'er dales and hills
And as a Tory with Healey eyebrows
You really need your acting skills

For Holidays you avoid the madding crowd
From Costa del Sol you'd run a mile
Preferring instead the Orient Express
Or an exotic Western Isle

You're a Noel Coward kind of chap
That's clear from the life you forge
And as a Taurus you share the destiny
Of the Bard and bold St George

Except you're not so much a writer
More a talker, it must be said
and you've never slain a dragon
.... you married her instead!

This was written for a competition. It didn’t win because after I had written it, I realised that the competition had been held the year previous

T'was just after Easter, I was wearing me bonnet
I sat down to write this Shakespearean sonnet
As an Imperial I ne'er shout of centimetres
Iambically speaking, know nowt of pentameters
This sonnet's to celebrate St George's Day
A rare opportunity for me to say
It's ironic, nay verily, more idiotic
That a Palestinian Turk makes me feel patriotic
At the next World Cup, may England prevail
At the Plymouth Arms, may this win me free ale
Jon Bratton © 2007

This is one of a series of silly ditties I wrote for the webpage you can reach by following the link below

Poem For Susan George

It's 23rd April
This card is sent to say
To the hard of hearing and dyslexics
Today's your special day

Jon Bratton © 2007

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