Monday, 22 October 2012

Funny Rhyming Poem

Old Dot said to her best pal Edna
“George has asked me out, you know
You went on a date with him last week,
So should I agree to go?”

Well, said Ed “He arrived promptly

He looked liked a gentleman, so tall
He brought flowers, and outside was a limo
Uniformed chauffeur and all.

We had dinner at a fancy restaurant
You should have seen the champers flow
He complimented me on my new evening dress
Then he took me off to a show.

On the way back, he ripped off my new dress
Three times, he made the limousine rock”
“So, I’ll not go?" said Dot, “Yes, go” said her friend
"Just be sure to wear an old frock"

Jon Bratton  © 2012

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