Monday, 15 October 2012

New Poem Blog

 Aren't I a blast from the past? I haven't posted for yonkers and I spend most of my time nowadays trying to regain my main website's position with is my main form of retirement income and I have been absolutely slaughtered in the past 12 months or so, with my income slashed to about one eighth of what it was 2 years ago.
Anyway, whinge over but I'm sure these words will strike a chord with many bloggers who may well have suffered similarly. I'd welcome comments from any bloggers and website publishers and I'd really be interested if there are any gainers. If there are losers, and many of my friends are losers there must be gainers out there, right?

I'm posting mainly to find out how the supposedly better format of blogger works. I must be getting grumpy because I no longer embrace change.

Anyway, my partner, who writes poems, under the name of margmax, and publishes them on 

has decided to create a blog. She is currently working on's not yet been published but here's the heads'll find it on

Do check it out and perhaps welcome her. She is a card maker and I know how you card makers stick together and support each other. As for me, I'm tuckered writing is strenuous so I'm off to do something altogether less tiring... 18 holes of golf. Fore!!

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