Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dinosaurs for Kids

Dinosaurs for kids is a fairly popular search term. Some of you will know that I am assisting Paul Perro with his lovely and I am quoting here a portion of his longer poem on the subject of 'Dinosaurs for Kids'

There was a type of creature called a dinosaur.
Which you do not see any more.
They lived in a prehistoric time,
I’ll tell you about them in this rhyme.

Dinosaurs had tiny brains
But they had ginormous names.
Like triceratops, brontosaurus,
Velociraptor and OhDon'tBoreUs

The tyrannosaurus rex
Was scary, one suspects.
It had lots of big sharp teeth,
And a *ROAR* that just defied belief.

How I wish that I could get
A dinosaur to be my pet.
I would take him into school one day
And everyone would run away.

This will never happen, I realize
For long ago they met their demise.
Fossils are all that are left, it seems,
You can sometimes see them in museums.

This post is a test to see how well or how badly it fares in the Google search engine results page. Paul Perro's webpage is well search engine optimised and yet does not feature on the first ten pages, I suspect because it is a new website and its in Google's so called sandbox. A blog page usually does much better. I'll report back

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