Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Father's Day Verses Funny

This Father's Day Verses Funny blog entry is brought to you in the lead up to Fathers Day next month.
Based on a joke I read somewhere I have written this Fathers Day card poem from a student to his Dad containing sledge hammer subtlety

Dad, $chool i$ really great.
I’m $tudying very hard.
I want for little, well, sort of..
Except, perhaps, a ¢ard
I would love to receive something from you.
About home and Mom and $uch
I am making lot$ of friend$
But I mi$$ you very much
The only reason I made thi$ ¢ard
Is becau$e I want to $ay
You mean $o very much to me
Have a $uper Father’$ Day

Your Loving, Hard up $logger $on.

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The wise father replied

Dear Son,
Your sincere speech did NOt go unNOticed
But it came as NO surprise
And the subtletness of your message
Did NOt escape my teary eyes

I do kNOw that the study of ecoNOmics,
Is to you, interesting stuff
The pursuit of kNOwledge is a NOble task,
And you can never kNOw eNOugh.

I wrote to my Dad
When I was away at college
My Dad let me kNOw the meaning of NO
And I pass on to you that kNOwledge

Jon Bratton 2009


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