Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mother and Son Poem

This mother and son poem is a follow up to yesterday's poems about a student son using Father's Day to try to scrounge some money from his Dad. Today he tackles his mother

“Mom, I sent a Fathers Day card to Dad
But he didn’t help at all
I’m a little.., I’m ski.. I’m broke…, Mom
So I thought I’d give you a call”

“OK, sweetie,” says Mom
“The money is on its way
And I’ll send your economics book
Which you left, on your last stay”

“Uhh oh yeah Mom” says son
“Thanks, you really are a friend”
Dad comes home and asks his wife
“OK how much did you send”

"Two checks, one for 20, and the other for 1,000."
"That's 1020 dollars!!!" yelled Dad
"Don't worry hon," Mom said,
“Its really not that bad

I taped the $20 check to the book cover
But put the $1,000 one in between
The pages on Prudent Money Management
That’s in Chapter 15!"

Jon Bratton 2009

This mother and son poem is copyright Jon Bratton. It may be used for non commercial purposes

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