Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fathers Day Poems Funny

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Fathers Day is just a month away
So here's a little ditty

On this Father’s Day, Dad

I hope you are well
Pin back your lug holes
I’ve a story to tell

A lumberjack raised the money
For his son‘s education, he planned
By cutting down trees
Laboriously, by hand

The son bought his father a chain saw
“This will make life easier, Pater”
Then he went off to college
Returning 3 months later

The father had indeed used the saw
But he was now on his knees
He had worked much harder
And had cut down less trees

The son was disappointed
At what he had heard and seen
So he checked the oil and gas
On the chain saw machine

He pulled on the cord
The chain saw roared into action
The son was surprised
At his father’s reaction

His father got a shock
He grabbed his son’s jacket

For your Father’s Day present
I thought long and hard
But you’ll understand now
Why I just got you this card

Happy Father’s Day

Jon Bratton 2009

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deepa said...

Father's day poem is really very interesting. I like it very much. I also visited fathers day gifting site, it has unique gifts for father like gadgets, shirts etc.


Matsuken said...

How much I love this poem.. :D

I wish I could create one like this, so that i could give it to my father as a
Fathers Day Presents

Hesbon Kerongo said...

Your poem is so wonderful. As a father am touched my this poem. I would to dedicate it to all fathers. Thanks a lot