Monday, 23 February 2009

Bosses Day Poems

'Bosses Day Poems' is a popular search term and Boss's Day, held each year on 16 October, is a big event in USA although even there it is considered by some to be an observance too far.

I've seen it alleged that we observe it in the UK on 24th March but I haven't been able to confirm that.

It is certainly a popular search term and although there are lots of websites seeking the traffic I couldn't find any that actually provide any bosses day poems to speak of.

So to right a wrong I have written some and whilst they are for the free use of individuals for non commercial purposes, woe betide any website publishers who filch this material. I can detect plagiarism and will take action against any theft of intellectual property.

Here goes with my newly created Bosses Day Poems collection... I just rattled them off this morning

Thank you for tolerating
My occasional mistake
And for the blind eye you turn
When I dash in late

Thank you for your guidance
When the chips are down
And for getting no angrier
Than a somewhat stern frown

Thank you, in anticipation,
For a raise in my pay
Which I richly deserve
For sucking up to you in this overblown way
Oh, and Boss
Have a terrific Boss's Day

Jon Bratton 2009

Here's another in my Bosses Day Poems collection

Being the one in charge
Is definitely hard
And is sometimes thankless
Hence this card

Those who work with you
Wish to say
Thank you muchly
On Boss’s Day

Jon Bratton 2009

Poem # 3 of Bosses Day Poems

You always give your best
And inspire others to do likewise
That you are appreciated
Should come as no surprise

Your kind of leadership skills
Is a talent, that‘s true...
One that’s appreciated and valued
It’s good working for, and with, you.
Happy Boss’s Day

Jon Bratton 2009

Bosses Day Poems continues with this one

You inspire us, encourage us
And protect us from harm
You know when to turn up the heat
And when to stay calm

You direct us and praise us
And keep us on track
Consider this message
A hearty slap on the back

We really appreciate
All that you do and say
This comes with big thanks
To you, Boss, on your Boss's Day

Jon Bratton 2009

Here's the last of my Bosses Day Poems

If Oscars were given to bosses
I'd nominate you
If Olympic medals were won by bosses
Your Gold is overdue
If Nobel Prizes were awarded to bosses
You would have quite a few
If Honorary degrees were granted to bosses
You'd have some of them too
Thank You Very Much Poems are given to bosses
And this is mine to you

Jon Bratton 2009

For those seeking more boss appreciation poems here's a link


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wordsandspeeches said...

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