Thursday, 19 February 2009

Funny Birthday Rhymes

Oh alright then, but in the 40 plus age group, who is the fairest of them all? for the image

Let's start this Funny Birthday Rhymes collection with this one by Author Unknown, topped and tailed by me. It is perfect for the Other Half's birthday if you have a perfect Other Half

OH with SOH
(other half with sense of humour)

I came across this birthday rhyme
Oh Boy, did I larf
I wondered 'Is it too risky
To send to my Other Half ?'

The author said 'it's perfect for an OH
But only if your OH's perfect, do you see?'
Well, I thought, my OH is perfect
So that's the poem for me

Of course, I love you darling
You're a bloody top notch bird
And when I say you're gorgeous
I mean every single word

So your bum is on the big side
I don't mind a bit of flab
It means that when I'm ready
There's somethin' there to grab

So your belly isn't flat no more
I tell you, I don't care
So long as when I cuddle you
I can get my arms round there

No woman who is your age
Has nice round perky breasts
They just lost their battle with gravity
But I know you did your best

I'm tellin' you the truth now
I never tell you lies
I think its very sexy
That you've got dimples on your thighs

I swear on my nana's grave
The moment that we met
I thought you were as good as I
Was ever gonna get

And what a perfect choice I made
I've got the perfect OH
With still a body to die for
And an enormous SOH
(I hope!!)

Happy Birthday, darling

(And what a perfect choice I made
If I'm to believe the rumour
You've still got the body that I die for
And a terrific sense of humour)

If this is not the perfect funny birthday rhyme for you here's more Funny Birthday Rhymes

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