Tuesday, 18 November 2008


This was penned by me in 1973

Scraped her out of the gutter
Groomed and dressed her nice
Launched her as a Superstar
But who would pay the price?
Displayed her in the window
Where people come to buy
And the people get a bargain
But the price she pays is high

Paraded in the market
Weighed upon the scales
She is worth her weight in gold
Have you seen the record sales?
Her body is an item
To be sold just like a whore’s
For 10% and a pound of flesh
They lick their lips for more

Middle Eight

Trading her life for another
On the market stalls
Taken for a ride up high
Who’ll save her if she falls
Trading the moon on the back porch
For a penthouse and bright lights
But who is in her entourage
Friends or parasites?

But come the final curtain
And people don’t want more
She is labelled up as shop soiled
In a discount store
Or dumped back in the gutter
And left to limp back home
They are smiling as they scurry
Back underneath a stone

And wasn’t I an angry young man? I suppose some of it still rings true today but the “they” nowadays is Simon Cowell who has become mega rich by discovering and promoting talent but is hardly a parasite living under a stone….unless you have a different view?

Jon Bratton copyright 1973
You have the tunes, I supply you with the words. Only when the completed song is published and earns royalties, or any other monetary return, will appropriate royalties, per the industry standard, become payable to me, the copyright owner Jon Bratton

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