Sunday, 23 November 2008

Old Durham Town

Durham is a City of contrasts and the folk who live and/or visit the City are so diverse. We had a shop in the heart of the City and I observed the contrast between the hierarchy of the university, cathedral, hospital, county hall, police headquarters, prison etc who live in this magnificent World Heritage City to study, work and pray and the folk who come in to the City from surrounding pit villages to drink, shop and play. Sitting, as it does, equidistant from the rival cities of Newcastle and Sunderland it has an equal mix of black and white and red and white stripes
This piece is about the contrasts I saw

Thinkers, Drinkers, Studiers, Staggerers, Writers, Fighters, Clerics and Clerks

Richmen, Riffraff, Craftsmen, Crackpots, Majors, Miners, Bishops and Pawns

City Peers, Pity Me'ers, Costly Lawyers, Hoi Palloiers, The Well Heeled, The Well Served, Doctors and Drunks

Lecturers, Letcherers, Artists, Artisans, Philosophers, Philistines, Coppers and Screws

County Set, County Staff, MBA's, Sweet FA's, DLI's, OAP's, Mackems and Mags

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