Wednesday, 26 November 2008

British Six Million Dollar Man

The title role of The Six Million Dollar Man was Steve Austin played by Lee Majors and was on TV from about 1974 for a good few years.
I'm going back over 30 years to 1977, the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee, when, I recall, I was playing golf in a 4 ball (with neighbours I had met at our street party) and, between shots, I was composing, in my head, the following piece about Britain's answer to Steve Austin.

When I'm fully wound, I can hear the sound
Of a pin make a crater in the sand
And twenty miles away I can safely say
There's a sparrow coming down to land
My costume's red, white and blue
I'm British through and through
I'm a clockwork Superman

When my rocket crashed, they fixed me up
No expense, they said, was spared
I cost £2,000, including spare key
I can jump twenty feet in the air
I come with guarantee
And it's plain to see
I'm a clockwork Superman

Middle Eight

Bio-clockwork, tick tock, Two Grand Man
That's what I am
Doing what I can
No job is too tough for me
For the Queen (God bless her)
And the Countryyyy

If I 'm talking slow, you're sure to know
My clockwork's winding down
Wind me up but please take care
Where you put the keeeeeeey
But don't overwind
Or you'll find
I'm a clockwork.......

We lost the match and my partner blamed me...he said I wasn't concentrating!

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