Saturday, 22 November 2008

Short Rhyming Love Poems

Further to my first post when I brought you a short rhyming love poem I thought I'd bring a few more short rhyming love poems because they are often sought but not often provided

I'd like to scuttle your puttle
Spiddle your paddle
Tickle your wickle
And twittle your taddle
Stroodle your doodle
Cromple your string
Brundle your strundle
And frondle your ding
See, I told you I'm completely nuts about you


Enjoy your birthday, Darling
Indeed, I'll see that you do
This comes with love (and a promise)
From your wife...and best friend too
This is the Happy (Daddy's) (Birthday) Day card
( Lewis ) and ( Jenny ) asked me to send
And I'm to give you something special
But was given no money to spend
What can I give you that's special
That doesn't cost a sou?
Oh well, as it's your special day
I'll leave it up to you
Whatsoever you decide
I can deal with, no fearing
Providing it doesn't involve wet fish
Or bedroom chandeliering

Yet more short rhyming love poems

Take a plump stalk of fair play
Add a head of love when hot
Put in a knob of friendship
And another knob...why not?
Sprinkle in some patience
Add generous love to taste
Stir in some affection
Spoon on tolerance, and baste
If there's anger, let it simmer down
Leave out temper,let it be
Now that my lovely naked chef
Is the perfect recipe
Lets put a bun in the oven
Cast off your oven glove
My taste buds are a-tingling
I drool for you, my love
You know how to knead my dumplings
And my buns ,and all the rest
Your meat and two veg are to die for
Your spotted dick's the best

Happy Anniversary, Chef
We must have got things right
With you around to cook my goose
I've got a healthy appetite
( And I'm quite fond of food as well )

A silly short rhyming love poem

How many ways can I describe
The love I feel for you
I thought, while idly watching
A sparrow sipping dew
Shall I write of passion
So reckless, wild and raw
Or should I speak the language of love
Ma cherie, Je t'adore
Or shall I wrap a heart around
Our names carved in a tree
And do you know, as I was pondering
The sparrow winked at me
Then it whistled, as it skipped away
Behind the lilac shrub
Then your Harry rang me up
And asked me to the pub
So I'll tell you that I love you
Like I've done many times before
"I love you very very very much
Now open the bloody door"

This the last of the short rhyming love poems...for now

The gift for you,
I pondered thus
Was a ginormous hippopotamus
So you and I could ride
His hippo hide
While sitting on our bottomus
And, perhaps, Since you've got him,
I Should get one too....
Two ...hippopotami
Or we could just do it.. normal peopleli

Adapted by me © 2004 from somewhere

All these poems are copyright of me, Jon Bratton, but you are free to use them for non commercial use

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