Thursday, 20 November 2008


This was the second song lyrics I wrote

Daddy, what was it really like
When we lived on Earth
I never knew, how could I?
It happened before my birth
Did they really have rivers
And mountain streams so cool
Could children really play outside
When they came home from school


What made them do it Daddy
Cause it doesn't seem quite right
That men with all those marvellous things
Should argue and fight
What made them do it Daddy
Was it greed or hate or fear
That made them destroy all that
And forced us to live up here

Daddy if you were President
Why could you not see sense
Why sacrifice those childrens' lives
For missiles and defence
Why did you pull the lever
And scatter all the crowds
And cover all God's given Earth
With deadly mushroom clouds

Jon Bratton copyright 1973

You have the tunes, I supply you with the words. Only when the completed song is published and earns royalties, or any other monetary return, will appropriate royalties, per the industry standard, become payable to me, the copyright owner Jon Bratton

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