Sunday, 30 November 2008

Speech Disfluency uh um

I'm always searching keywords, because Search Engine Optimisation is important to my wallet.. not just the search terms themselves but how well they are catered for by the websites out there. Getting to the top of the search engines is much easier when there is not much competition.

It's hard to believe that "Speech Disfluency uh um" would be a popular search term, (it's 20 times more popular than, for example, "speech disorders") not least because the word 'disfluency' doesn't appear to exist, it's not in any dictionary I have read, hard copy or online.

What I've learnt about this popular search topic is this

1 Michael Erard knows a lot about speech disfluency uh um
Indeed he has written a book called "Um"

2 Uh is American for the British Er

3 A New Yorker Eric Mingus has a CD out called Um...Er...Uh

4 Wikipedia has an article on the subject here

5 These are related search terms according to Google- speech therapy, stammering, stutter, cluttering (also called tachyphemia), stuttering children, studdering, toddler studdering, speech therapists, speech processing, study speech therapy

6,-Stuttering,-Stammering-And-Studdering&id=413184 explains cluttering and studdering, both of which I had never heard of

is a video of Obama, President Elect stuttering, studdering, stammering and cluttering for seven minutes is another. There's lots out there

Well, I'm going to publish this now and I'll come back in a few weeks to report back where I come on Google. I'm bound to be high because mine is the only website that has the whole search term as a URL viz

BTW this topic did not arise as obscurely as it seems. The poem I started this morning is a rhyming leaving party speech and I was researching leaving speech when I stumbled studderingly upon speech disfluency