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Principal Retirement Poems

This image was used on the framed tribute presented to the retiring principal. It is by Jim Harker

These Principal retirement poems were written for specific people but there are generic verses which can be used and others can be adapted

The Principal's (Headmaster's) Dilemma

Should I continue rigging league tables
Or retire early instead
I'm afraid the school's lost the race
By just a short head

A raspberry to the (Community Members) (Governors) Report
Difficult parents know what they can do
I'm off to play a bit of golf
Err...and scrub a floor or two

Oh dear...I'll have to do the housework
Scrubbing floors and all that stuff
'Cos (the significent other) (her indoors) will have to work
The pension's not enough

This retirement lark's not easy
There's no gain without the pain
It can't be golf AND gardening
My knees won't stand the strain

That's an awful lot to do
I'm far too old to retire
This retirement needs a review

Should I stick to my cushy number
Or vacuum and tend the soil?
I'll let the flip of a coin decide
Is it a Head or Toil?

More Principal Retirement Poems

Tribute to Principal

James, you're a very caring (guy)(bloke)
A principal with principles, so true
You (cycle), (drink) and (play guitar)
Not an easy thing to do

Your love of Central America
Can be seen on what you wear
It's an odds on bet, to say you are
Just a little left of Blair

You're big on sport and keeping fit
And on America's Cuban flop
You're big on Education
You're just very big...full stop

You fast on all your white days
And have red and green days too
And you're also fond of the light brown days
When you sup a pint or two

This tribute's endorsed by all the staff
And your friends, of which there's many
The Government saved a quid or two
But squandered a good Penney

Principal Retirement Poems express the same sentiments as teacher appreciation/thank you/retirement poems and thank you poems when the teacher/principal stays but the student leaves. This next one is adapted from a sudent leaving poem I wrote a couple of years back

To mark your retirement
We'd like to tell you how we feel;
Our heartfelt appreciation
Is deeply felt and real.

You're a really great principal/teacher/manager
That's what we all say
And as a Thank You for all you've done
We're giving you an A

On second thoughts that's not enough
For helping all of us.
So you get this THANK YOU,
As well as this A PLUS

No, that's not enough either
For the principal that you are
You get this Thank You, an A+
As well as this GOLD STAR

Enjoy many years of retirement

Jon Bratton © 2005

These Principal Retirement Poems are by Jon Bratton
They are copyright and may not be lifted and used in whole or in part by website publishers. Measures are in place to detect plagiarism. They are free to use by individuals for personal, non publishing use

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