Saturday, 3 January 2009

Wedding Anniversary Verses

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It’s Jack & Eva’s 50th wedding anniversary
And Jack says "Have you ever cheated on me?"
Eva replies, "Oh Jack, why ask such a question?
After 50 years, just let it be”
But Jack insisted and she said “ Well, just 3 occasions..."
"Oh no… when for goodness sake ?"
"When you wanted to start the business
And no bank would provide the stake
Remember, the bank manager came and signed
The loan papers, now do you see?
No questions asked?... Well..."
"Oh, Eva, you did that for me?
I respect you more than ever,
So when was number 2?"
"It was when you had the heart attack
And no surgeon would touch you...
Remember how Dr. Baker came all the way
Up here and saved your life
Well...." "Oh my god!! Eva,
You are such a wonderful wife...
And so my darling when was number 3?"
“Well, Jack, remember that time you sought
To be Leader of the Local Council
And you were fifty three votes short...."
Jon Bratton 2008
(My short funny rhyming poems are based on jokes by unknown persons)

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