Sunday, 8 March 2009

Themed Verses suitable for Flippin' Women

Flippin Women verses are the intellectual property of La Pashe, the creators of Flippin' things so here I've created a Woman of Reflection, albeit using their very fine flippin product.

Anyway, I'm not here, as a Flippin' Cardmaker, tho' I did make this card, but as a poet so here goes with the verse to go with this card, which you may copy, if you like (the card and the verse)

It's your birthday, once again
That's another year gone
A time, perhaps, for reflection
But hold it...
...put some lippy on

Put on a bit of slap
And don a pretty frock
Come on girl, kickstart your day
And make your whole birthday rock!!

This 'Flippin Women Verses' blogspot is copyright of Jon Bratton 2009. Cardmakers, feel free to use publishers, just dare!!


sue said...

great verse, nice to see one coming back, many thanks

Jon Bratton said...

Cheers Sue
I'll write 'em as appropriate. I committed myself to an exclusive for 20 men verses and 20 women verses for reasons that may in the future become clear and I had to remove them. But new ones may emerge