Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wedding Poem from Bride to Groom

This fabulous image is from a fantastic photographer with a unique style. The big white frock looks like a flower

This Wedding Poem from Bride to Groom has been on my Verses4Cards site for a few years but it's sorta buried amongst many other wedding poems so I thought I'd give it a higher billing. Until the last line, the poem reads as if it is from anyone..the groom's parents, the bride's parents, the best man, a well wisher. I just love the word 'frock'

(Jeremy) have a lovely day
As you enter Paradise
Look out for the girl in the big white frock
You'll find her very nice

Take your place by her side
Squeeze her hand with a loving touch
Say "I do" and she will too
For she loves you very much

She knows that you love her too
And that you'll always be her rock
This card, it comes with the fondest love
From the girl in the big white frock

Jon Bratton c 2005
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This 'Wedding Poem from Bride to Groom' blog entry is copyright Jon Bratton 2009 but brides are welcome to use it. Website publishers may use it, with permission, and credit must be given


pinky said...

Thats brilliant, really love it. Use verses4cards regularly, many thanks.

wordsandspeeches said...

Read this, personalized, customized, for all of your wedding needs, we would love to write for you,

Wedding Poems to Husband - An Example

Dear Sean,

Sean Turner is my husband,
And my husband to be.
He really means the world
In all ways, to me.

We met at first in '83
While we were back at school.
Married ten years later,
Our life was oh so cool.

Our first date was a classic,
Took my heart so far.
We had a wondrous dinner
At some wimpy bar.

Had two loving sons,
We truly have a lot.
Craig, he is our oldest,
Followed soon by Scott.

Things often change, yes, it's so,
We're fragile, all, so true.
Sean and I divorced
Back in 2002.

But the heart, it doesn’t lie,
It's truly at life's core.
Our love it didn't die,
Back together in 2004.

The simple truth of all,
And it's really great:
I can't live without my Sean,
He's simply my soul mate.

Sean always makes me laugh,
He's there throughout it all.
He'll do anything he can,
Always standing tall.

Quite a handsome guy,
I love his curly hair.
And his sparkling eyes,
Which glisten with such flair!

Sean's dream is having a motor bike,
And his vision of fun
Is the Grand Prix racers,
And that fabulous Formula 1.

Wants to travel to New Zealand,
What a trek that will be!
Sean will get there, yes, I'm sure,
Just you wait and see.

He's the strongest in our family,
We lean on him, I'd say.
Our rock, our firmament,
In each and every way.

Loves his great play stations,
Always limber and loose.
Crazy about our great black Lab,
A doll of a dog named Zeus.

Sean, I say with all my heart,
With a lyric and a rhyme.
I was thrilled to marry you once,
I'm ecstatic the second time.

Our life, our love are everything,
Our wedding is a wondrous day.
With thanks, with joy, with gratitude,
I love you in every way.




Julia Cates said...

Verses4Cards are lovely. Got so much information from site as well.
Thanks for share pinky.
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