Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mothers Day Verses

In the lead up to Mothering Sunday this is a tribute I wrote many years back to a wife and mum who was born in 1953, forgets to water the house plants, is a keen reader and cuts the family's hair

For your birth, they held street parties
The whole country just went mental
T'was in '53... the Queen was crowned
But that was incidental

You drink in TV movies
You've a thirst for books, that's true
Our house plants know the feeling
For they get thirsty too

Having an in-house barber
We think is very good
We save some dosh...and we don't mind
The occasional sight of blood

But your love of Jane Austen books
Gives us our greatest fear
While you cut our hair, steeped in Pride
You might Prejudice our ear

But enough of all these insults
For now the time has come
To tell you that we love you
You're a special wife and Mum


Mothers Day Quotes

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