Tuesday, 17 March 2009

History for Kids

My nephew has just started a website called, and about, History for Kids which he uses to showcase his growing collection of bedtime stories, written in rhyme, and about aspects of history from the birth of the moon to men on the moon. What a lovely idea. The kids love 'em and they don't even realise they're being educated. Having written them he's presenting them to the World as a free (for non commercial use) resource to Mums (Moms) (Mams) and Dads and teachers

The beauty of writing in rhyme is that it is fun, light hearted and memorable. Because, as you know, I'm a doggerel writer myself he invited me yesterday to make a contribution which was very opportune because I knew I'd have a few hours to kill while I hung around hospital waiting rooms as my 84 year old mother went through a series of checks which involved, and I'm speaking in medical jargon here, putting delicate instruments into delicate places

So I wrote a history for kids poem. Being a Geordie I wrote about our UNESCO World Heritage site, Hadrian's Wall, a bit of which is pictured. So here goes

In 43AD
That's a long, long time ago
The Romans invaded Britain
Which is awful...isn't that so?

They took over England and Wales
They didn't want Scotland at all
And to stop the Scots from stealing the sheep
They built a very big wall

It stretched from the Solway Firth in the west
To the River Tyne in the east
A 70 mile wall would need lots of stones
40 million at least

History for kids Hadrian's Wall

The Emperor was in charge of the work
Hadrian was his name
He probably built lots of things
But his wall gave him lasting fame

It took 6 years to build the wall
There were no fancy machines back then
They needed hundreds of horses to pull the carts
And thousands of working men

And every mile they built forts and turrets
That were very tall
So the soldiers could see any Scotsmen
Trying to climb the wall

History for Kids, Hadrian's Wall

The wall lasted throughout the Romans' stay
400 years, altogether
I wonder why they stayed so long
It couldn't have been the weather

It was 40 years after the Romans left
That the Britons again had to fight
Because the Saxons came from Germany
But that's a story for another night

That the wall was very strong
Would be fair to say
It was built nearly 2000 years ago
And it still stands today

History for Kids, Hadrian's Wall

Indeed, from all around the World
Tourists make a call
To the north end of Britain
To see the famous Hadrian's Wall

As now as you go to sleep
Think about this great wall
And wonder if this was the place
Where Humpty had his great fall

Jon Bratton 2009

Want more, do you think?
Then just click on the link

This History for Kids Hadrian's Wall poem and blog entry is copyright Jon Bratton 2009. Parents and teachers are welcome to use it for non commercial purposes and it may be used by www.history-for-kids.com who inspired its writing

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