Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Funny Mother Poem

Ahead of Mothers Day, I've dug out this ditty..a funny mother poem...and by that I mean a funny poem about a mother which I wrote decades ago about a lady who was a keen cyclist and tennis player who often lost her keys and was always late. It is a good example of looking for a theme and when I learnt that she was a cordinator in the prison service who often lost keys and was late the theme was established. It was just a bonus that she was born in September and was called June. The caricature that went with this poem was of her on a unicycle playing tennis

Isn't it Odd?

This is a special Mother's Day tribute
And we really hope to please
But isn't it odd that a prison worker
Should keep mislaying keys?

And isn't it odd that a co-ordinator
Should be always late, not soon
And that a girl born in September
Should have the name of June?

Isn't it odd, since she likes tennis
That she hasn't had this thought
To combine the game with cycling
To help her round the court?

But it's not odd we love her
When all is said and done
She's a lovely caring person
To a husband, daughter, son

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Cazz said...

Brilliant ditty Jon xxx