Thursday, 12 March 2009

St Patricks Day Poems

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Next Tuesday is St Patrick's Day so the search has started for St Patricks Day Poems. Here's one I've just penned

Ah, Good Luck te ye, Good Luck te ye
Here's some words I'm urged to say
Leprechauns, shamrock and rainbows
And have a happy St Paddy's Day

More words.. New York, mind me harp
Green hats, for sure and green beer too
And drinking gallons of Guinness
It's the law, it's what you've got to do

Top o' the morning to you
From the bottom o' me heart

Erin go Bragh
(Ireland Forever)

Jon Bratton 2009

Here's poem #2 in my St Patricks Day Poems collection

Wear a big hat
But it must be green
Drink some Guinness
It's March Seventeen

Jon Bratton 2009

If you want more, click the link

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