Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Funny Mothers Day poem

As it is only 12 days to Mothering Sunday, I thought I'd bring you this funny mothers day poem that I wrote a few years back

Today, just think...

You're on a luxury vacation
At the finest accomodation
With the highest recommendation
Getting utmost consideration
Enjoying sparkling conversation,
Heavenly recreation,
Pure sensation,

Beauty preparation
And pamperation
( if that's not a word, it ought to be)
Without limitation
Throughout the entire duration
Of this exotic situation
You've got admiration,
Nay, adoration
And unadulterated sophistication

In my estimation
For Mothers Daytion
You need stimulation
And imag-e-nation !!

A very Happy Mothers Day,
From one dreamer to another
Jon Bratton 2006

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