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Boudicca Warrior Queen of the Iceni

Here's another poem I wrote for the new website

which compiles (bedtime) stories, written in rhyme, about events in history as a resource not only for parents but for teachers as well

Boudicca Warrior Queen of the Iceni

Tonight’s (Today's) story is about a queen
But not a fragile little flower
In fact a tough brave woman
The first with Girl Power

Britain has produced many warriors
Men who fought to keep Britain free
But here’s the story of Warrior Queen Boudicca,
A famous name in history

She had great intelligence
In the opinion of some
She was tall, fierce faced and harsh voiced
And had red hair, right down to her bum

She wore a large golden necklace,
And multi-coloured tunic, and cloak
She led an uprising of the tribes
Against the Roman folk

Here’s why. Her husband, the King
Promised the Romans half his wealth and land
But when the King died
Things didn’t go quite as planned

Normal Roman practice
Regarding allied kingdoms applied
The kingdom became the property of Rome
When the current King died

The Romans took everything
When they came one day
Treating nobles as slaves
And acting in a very brutal way

The Britons were appalled
And thought the Romans had cheated
Also Queen Boudicca and her Princess daughters
Were badly mistreated

When people behave badly
That simply isn’t right
And the one who feels cheated
Is ready to fight

Queen Boudicca was furious
She had never been angrier
So she created an Iceni Army
Based in East Anglia

The Trinovantes, the neighbouring tribe
Also wanted to get rid
Of the Romans, who must be punished
For the awful thing they did

So they joined forces,
Led by the Queen
In, perhaps, the biggest army
The Britons had ever seen

The Druids in Wales revolted
This made the time right
While the Roman Governor was distracted
Now was the time to fight

Boudicca’s army was successful
With victories at Colchester town
St Albans and London
Which they completely burnt down

But when the Roman Governor returned
The Britons suffered a huge defeat
Beaten by the professional Roman Army
At the Battle of Watling Street

80,000 Britons were killed
Boudicca managed to survive
But she took poison so the Romans
Couldn’t capture her alive

She lives on in our memory
A bronze statue can be seen
In London, of brave, bold Boudicca
The mighty Warrior Queen

Jon Bratton 2009

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