Friday, 27 March 2009

Black History Poems

This Black History poems blog is another of my contributions for the website
It is written from the perspective of a little slave girl in the 1700s living with her father and sister in a slave hut on a cotton plantation in North America

I live in my Pappy's hut
My name is Kizzy Clay
My older sister is Eliza
I'm six years old today

My Mammy died of fever
Eliza's ten, she cares for me
I don't know our exact address
But we live in Slavery

Pappy works in Mr John's fields
Planting cotton and rice
Yesterday, he was whipped
Which wasn't very nice

Black History Poems

The overseer is very cruel
His name is Nathaniel Black
My pappy cannot work today
He's got deep cuts on his back

Oh, I can see Mr John's little girl
Her name is Missy Rose
She lives in the Big House
And wears very nice clean clothes

She's pretty and has white skin
Her mother is also dead
But she has two aunts to care for her
She sleeps in a proper bed

Black History Poems

She has a beautiful pony
Which lives in a stable 6 feet 4
It has its own blankets
And nice clean straw

Our hut is also 6 feet 4
Two families have to share
Its very dark and we sleep on rags
Eliza says it isn't fair

Pappy says his Grandpappy's Pappy
"Was a chief before coming here
Once proud and free, he was enslaved
To live in chains.....and fear

Black History Poems

All the young strong villagers
Were forcefully taken away
Crammed into sailing ships
Bound for the USA

Many died on the way
A ship sometimes would sink
Or they died through lack of medicine
Or not enough to drink"

Pappy says his Grandpappy's Pappy
Arrived very much alive
He was a strong healthy 20 year old
He died, broken, at 35

Black History Poems

Pappy says that one day
All slaves will be free
We'll get a President who believes in it
Just you wait and see

Pappy says he has a dream
That a King will come one day
And they'll listen very carefully
To all he has to say

He says that he has a dream
That blacks and whites will live as one
Living free, in a proper house
Just like Mr John

Black History Poems

He even dreams that maybe
There will come the day
When a black man becomes the President
Of the USA

Eliza says he's crazy
Or that's how it seems
But she says when life is very hard
A man should have his dreams

Black History Poems

One day, perhaps, a little girl
Will have a story read
By her Pappy, before she goes to sleep
In her proper bed

But until then, I'll be content
What will be, will be
Nighty night I must go
There's a dream that waits for me

Jon Bratton 2009

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