Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Top 50 Crafters

Top 50 Crafters is an organisation I have never felt at home with. I run several UK craft sites but Top 50 crafters only allow some. That's fair enough, but they never have the good grace to say sorry, you're not suitable, etc..they merely silently don't list you, leaving you in the doldrums.
For that reason alone I oft considered removing their adverts from my sites and not bothered to tell them. I've now done that and have told them. www. and www. are no longer listed on Top 50 Crafters

So, on the day that our Prime Minister talks to the USA about the dangers of protectionism and the benefits of the World acting as one, for the benefit of all, Top 50 Crafters, in their misguidance have decided to only include traffic from UK visitors effectively, overnight, downgrading all the most efficient UK companies who draw their traffic from the UK predominently but also( and who in their right mind would not want to seek traffic) from USA and beyond (Top 50 Crafters have never counted traffic from other English speaking areas of the World eg Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa etc and huge sub continents who seek English language stuff eg India)

Their current tag line is 'Top50 Crafters is the definitive list of Craft sites in the UK' Oh really? Where are Hobbycraft, Docrafts, Craft Creations?
This is a company whose main line of work is about selling you a www site. The first w stands for World. In my view if you're seeking the World, avoid perochial


Cazz said...

Don't hold back with your comment Jon lol Just tell them like it is... Oh, You did. well done you :-)

Jak Heath said...

I had this exact conversation with a technition from the top50blogs through emails and I stated that WWW is world wide web his answer was " if you aren't happy to be listed I could remove your listing for you" umphhh somehow I don't think he grasped the point.