Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mixed Doubles Badminton Awards

Talking of Awards...
Where did the name Emmy Awards come from?

I bet you, like me, have wondered where the name Emmy Awards came from. Well, we are not alone, for thousands do it every day and put the question to Google and Yahoo. Emmies are the TV equivalent of the Film Industry’s Oscars.
Now I bet you, like me, have also wondered where the name Oscar came from. Yet strangely, asking for the origin of the name Oscar is a rare search term…how bizarre
The Emmy answer is straight forward. Quite simply, the statuette is a female (winged woman triumphantly holding up the universal symbol of the electron) and Emmy is a gentler sounding name, more feminine than Immy which was the short name used by TV engineers for the image orthicon camera tube
As for Oscar the best bet is that Academy librarian (and later executive director,) Margaret Herrick, upon seeing the statuette exclaimed "it looks just like my Uncle Oscar!" Or was it actress and two-time Academy Award winner Bette Davis, who reportedly named it after her ex-husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson, Jr. or was it from "Will you have a cigar, Oscar?", an old music hall joke.
In the early thirties it was being used by some film celebrities and by 1939 the Academy itself was using the name officially.

Now, on the general subject of Awards I was, while an expat in the Middle East, involved in a mixed doubles badminton tournament which took place over many weeks. At the end of it, all participants were awarded a certificate on which was a short verse, written by me, summarising their performance. This is the collection of all the verses which I read out at the Award Ceremony which some called the Sweaties. In years to come many will be asking Google ‘where did the name Sweaty Awards come from’. You heard it here first

The winners were, of course, Big Hugh
He’s the one with the sweaty face
And Ivonne, she’s the best groomed player
With not a hair out of place

And then we have the runners up
Who did a first class job
Mr and Mrs Consistency
There names are Anne and Bob

Mike and Gill in third place
Proved they're not yet o'er the hill
Mike might have won with a pint or two
Instead of just a Gill

In fourth, we saw big Stevie
Drowning in his sweat
And Liz, who's very big up front
A killer at the net

Next came the lean and mean John H
Who harkened to Nan's plea
But despite their noble efforts
Most matches went to three

And then there's Annie C
Who really knows her stuff
And Peter who likes to tickle it
But sometimes not enough

In seventh place, Chris M
Whose game is slick and grooved
And Susie Stretchy Long Legs
The player most improved

Madeleine M played her heart out
With fitness and agility
While Jon possessed a will to win
That exceeded his ability
(While Jon was absolutely magnificent
But always showed humility

Mae T played a steady game
As solid as a rock
While George was swiping everything
Except the shuttlecock

Next Tom B, the typical Scotsman
Whose shots were very mean
Partnered by Di W
The well known Drop Shot Queen

Then Kate, the "Frilly Knickers" Queen
Whose reign was rather short
Accompanied as she was by Niall
The jester of the court

And finally
There's Colin M
Who alas was forced to quit
When both his lady partners
Were declared medically unfit

This collection of verses come courtesy of ‘Where Did The Name Emmy Awards Come From’

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