Monday, 15 December 2008

Wedding Poem

Wedding Poem

I attended a wedding in Cyprus in May of this year and on the morning of the weddding, sat by the Hotel pool, I penned this poem about the bride and groom to be read out at the reception held in a restaraunt in the harbour of Ayia Napa

Congratulations Jack and Alison
On your marriage, just a few hours old
Weren't the children well behaved?
Even Alan was as good as gold

It's 10 years since they met
And today, finally, he's managed to trap her
Starting out at the Ship, they've ended in the harbour
Here in Ayia Napa

Six years they were a-courting
'Would she ever leave home?' Alan would fret
You see she worked days and he worked nights
So they hardly ever met

Alan dropped hints to Alison
Your own love nest would be nice
And eventually they moved to Brentwood Street
96, to be precise

And there they started begatting
And all that luvvy dovey stuff
They must have been good coz in no time at all
Alison was up the duff

Along came young David and James
To make their family complete
Or is it? Who knows what'll happen
The honeymoon starts the neet!

Well, that's the potted history
So all that remains to say
Is thanks a lot Jack and Alison
For a really smashin' day

We all agree the bride is beautiful
Like a queen from a golden palace
She walked down the aisle Miss Williams
And back up it Mrs Allis

And if we didn't thank the bridesmaids
We really would fail
Sophie and Hannah you're beautiful
Like Princesses from a fairy tale

We should thank best man Gary
And Alan, the bride giver away
And the mothers Carole and Margaret
Thanks for all you've done today

And thanks too to Jack the groom
Looking handsome as can be
And not forgetting the fat bloke reading the poem
So that's a thanks a lot to me

And finally...let's raise our glasses
To toast the stars of today
Have a very long and happy life
Mr and Mrs A

Jon Bratton 2008


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