Friday, 5 December 2008

Roy Keane Quits

Roy Keane has left Sunderland AFC saying he has taken the club as far as he can and he's bored. International Midfielder Carlos Akenhaton Edwards said "We just have to get our heads down and continue to start winning games" Carlos Akenhaton sounds as sick as a parrot doesn't he?

You can be certain that Roy will not be quitting football. He's bright and passionate and life after football will be too dull for him. Roy, ring up Alan Shearer and form a double act... a dream team. Alan has played golf and punditted for too long and together you would be formidable. Utter would clash

I've had a better idea.
Paul McCartney ring up Bernie Taupin and write Ireland's Eurovision song contest entry to compete against the UK's Lord Lloyd Webber composition and Elton write a tune to lyrics by Rogers of Rogers and Hammerstein fame and create Holland's entry. Oh and Bob Geldof and Midge Ure write a catchy jingle and get all your pop star mates to sing it, oh and include Svetlana Raznatovic, Kristina Kovac, Jelena Jevremovic and Sanja Stojanovic and others whose surnames end in vic or vac as backing singers and do it for Portugal which is the country with the longest history in the Contest without a win...41 attempts.
Oh and Bob, write it in the Српскохрватски језик language
Now we're talking dream team.

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