Friday, 12 December 2008

Leaving Poem

Leaving Poem for Expat Friends Involved in Am Dram Theatre Group Leaving the Country

Five people were leaving the theater group and this poem was read out in the Blue Room, following the performance of a skit. It was another double act, this time with a lady. I read the lines in bold

This is just a little ditty
A ma-salama poem
To say goodbye to our dear friends
As they make their way back home

Yes folks, you've had the play
It's now sincerity time
To pay tribute to our departing members
And insult them all in rhyme

I've heard about your ditties
I'm not sure I'm very keen
I just take poetic license
You take liberties, you mean

If you're going to insult my friends
I don't want any part
Oh Mary, don't make a fuss
I'll behave, cross my heart

OK, but no derogatory remarks
Did I not promise just now
No innuendoes or calling people names
Get on, yer silly cow

Alright, it's goodbye to two fine actors
Which is a terrible pity
It's goodbye to a fine producer
And two members of committee

We say goodbye to just one mother
And three men-the total's nine
We bid adieu to a man of spirit
And one who deals in wine

Ma-salama to two married couples
And one who's happy....and free
If we count the departing back stage folk
The number comes to three

So far, that's seventeen people
That's really more than plenty
Throw in two ladies and a lighting man
And the number comes to twenty

There's two who dabble in computers
There's one in avionics
There's four who like to tipple wine
And one on sid and tonics

There's a sewing singing teacher
Who's big in the arts... arse
There's a devoted snooker player
Who like playing darts... farce

There's one with a London accent
There's four who speak quite posh
There's two who like a game of bridge
And one who's fond of squash

There's one who's very nautical
And at least one who's very naughty
That's an awful lot of people
The number now is forty

Photo from

Forty people leaving?
That's enough to fill a bus
But it's not the first time that we've faced
A mass exodus

Anyway, I've found some double accounting
The number's only five
And though they're indispensable
ORP will survive

ORP used to be mainly American
Then the British made a coop (coup)
Excuse me, that should be coo, it's French. It's a silent 'P'
A silent 'P' huh?

OK! ORP used to be American
Then the British made a coo
And now the Brits are leaving
Five in one fell swoo

So what'll become of the membership
Who will it next comprise
If it goes the way of the Country
Bangladeshis and Thais

There's another 40 verses of this so I'll continue it tomorrow
It's a bit of a slog, writing a blog without feedback. I'd be made up if, before you made off, you made a comment

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It's so funny!

do u write that stuff? that's awesome.
Good job :)