Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Short Funny Rhyming Poems

Welcome to my blog which today brings you another in the series Short Funny Rhyming Poems

Dopes on a Rope

Eleven women were hanging on a rope of vine
But it was only strong enough for ten
It wasn’t a case of if the vine breaks
It was just a matter of when
One of the women was a brunette
All the others had blonde hair
The brunette volunteered to vacate the vine
All the blondes said a prayer
The brunette made a touching speech
Then fell to the ground
The blondes were stunned into silence
No one made a sound
Then, acting as one
After a contemplative pause
The blondes broke out
Into tumultuous applause

You might think, stupidly
They let go of the vine
But because the drop was less than a foot
All of them were fine

Jon Bratton 2008
(My short funny rhyming poems are based on jokes by unknown persons)


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