Thursday, 18 December 2008

Short Funny Rhyming Poems

Cop with Speed Gun

Welcome to my blog which today brings you another in the series Short Funny Rhyming Poems

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge
Was fisherman Bob
Fishing was his hobby
Doctoring was his job

He’d had a good day’s fishing
A good haul he’d managed to land
After filleting all the fish, he was speeding...
On the bridge was a cop, speed gun in hand,

“67 mph in a 50 zone” said the cop
Then he took a closer look at Bob,
Seeing his stained fishing attire, the cop said,
"You don't look like you’ve got a job!

I've never seen anyone so scruffy”
Bob answered, "I’ve a good, well-paying job!"
"A bum like you? What do you do”
"I stretch rectums!" said Bob.

"What you say, Boy?" asked the patrolman.
"What the hell does a rectum stretcher do?"
Bob explained, " I start with a couple of fingers,
Then a couple more, then a whole hand, and then two.

I keep on stretching
Until it's a full six feet wide."
"What the hell do you do with a six foot asshole?"
"Give him a speed gun !" Bob replied

Jon Bratton 2008
(My short funny rhyming poems are based on jokes by unknown persons)


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Vivienne said...

I love all your poems. From a very appreciative fan!!